1. Experience Ready to Provide the Solution

  2. ​​Experience Gained in Design and Verification

  3. Experience Gained Across Multiple Applications

  4. ​​Operating as an Engineer since 2007

Giving Confidence You've Made the Right Choice
A Bit of Background...

My name is Gemma GIlmore and have gained almost a decade of experience in high speed digital design, specialising in in VHDL design and verification of FPGA and ASIC devices.

After gaining over 6 years of unbeatable experience, working with some truly outstanding and professional engineers, I created Gemstar Technologies Ltd in 2013 as a consulting company with the intention of providing

a dynamic, and dependable design service to aid all your development needs.

Reputation is everything.  Maintaining professional integrity is paramount and therefore the main goal at
Gemstar Technologies Ltd.  This is achieved by having strong values striving for keen and open learning to improve capability and from and comes from capability, principles.  
Verifying an external resource is important part of project planning.  Our in-house skill set has grown from strong academic foundations and will continue to progressively develop



Adhering to Solid Principles

With reference to Items 29 and 30 of the IET Charter bye-laws:

  • I shall at all times uphold the dignity and reputation of my profession, and safegaurd the public interest, acting with fairness and integrity towards all with whom I am connected and shall exercise my professional skill and judgement to the best of my ability 

And Item 31 - Asscociated Rules of Conduct Items 3, 4 and 5:

  • Members shall not undertake professional tasks and responsibilities that they do not believe themselves competent to discharge.

  • Members shall accept personal responsibility for all work done by them or under their supervision or direction.  Members shall also take all reasonable steps to ensure that persons working under their authority are both suitably equipped and competent to carry out the tasks assigned to them.

  • Members whose professional advice is not accepted shall take all reasonable steps:

a) to ensure that the person overruling or neglecting that advice is
aware of any danger or loss which may ensue; and

b) in appropriate cases, to inform that person’s employers of the potential risks