Keeping on Top of Technology
Target technologies are continually evolving bringing along with them new methodologies, languages and tools to support progression.  To stay on top of these developments and gain the edge on a competitor, it is imperative that properly trained resources are in place and ready to go. Outsourcing to a provider who has already invested in industry recognised training programs can be what gives that vital starting advantage.

Below is a list of all Professional and Academic accreditations. Please use the links to navigate to a section.

Advanced Courses




Advanced Courses
  • Designing for Performance, Virtex 6 Devices - Aug11 
Xilinx Training Course awarded by Doulos

  • Expert VHDL Design and Verification - Jun08 
​VHDL Training Course awarded by Doulos

  • Designing for Performance, Virtex 4 Devices - Jun07
Xilinx Training Course awarded by Arcobel

  • Fundamentals of FPGA Design, Virtex 4 Devices Jun 07
Xilinx Training Course awarded by Arcobel
MSc. System Level Integration - Nov06
Institute for System Level Integration

The Institute of System Level Integration is a bespoke collaboration of Glasgow, Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Heriot Watt Universities, exclusively teaching post graduate studies in SoC design.  Courses are uniquely constructed using input from leading EDA design companies, who also provide the Industry standard tools, to provide a calibre of graduates that can "hit the ground running"  when first stepping into industry.

With an interest in verification, I was selected to do the Industry placed dissertation working with Mentor Graphics on there Advanced Verification Methodolody.  I researched and implemented AVM techniques to verify  a VHDL IP using SystemVerilog.  This was a challenge as I had only briefly worked with Verilog as a HDL and the 'e language as a HVL but combining all experiences together, what it did do was provide me with a core understanding of all the elements that have since adapted in to the OVM, now UVM, required for a modern verification approach.

BEng (Hons.) Electronic & Computer Engineering - Jul04
Napier University

Covering every aspect of Electronic design.  From basic DC and AC devices, ciruits and applications, to Micro-Processors, Operating Systems and integrating full Systems on Chip.

The combination of the two disciplines provided the perfect background for working in digital design.  I undertook the design and layout of a Reed-Muller multilpexer IC, exploring the advantages of XOR logic and gaining my first full experience in the design flow from inital concept through to generating an IC transistor layout in silicon.
Technological Studies - Jun96 
Scottish Standard Grade: 1

Although I progressed and completed the Scottish HIgher in this subject, I was keen to share the significance of this class and the impact it has had.

After sucessfully removing and returning Barbies arms and legs, followed by acknowledging her hair could only be cut off once, our relationship was over.  I continued taking things apart and putting them back together again (not always successfully), interest ever increasing.

At age 14 I walked into the 'Tecky' class I'd chosen and learned what an AND Gate was.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  By the time I had written and executed my first program on a BBC Basic I had to know more - "Hello World", another geek is born...
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Designing for Performance, Virtex6 Devices

Expert VHDL Design and Verification

Designing for Performance, Virtex 4 Devices

Fundamentals of FPGA Design, Virtex 4 Devices

Masters Degree: MSc.

Honours Degree: BEng.